February 25 to March 1
Tuesday - Friday @ 8:00pm
Saturday @ 5:00pm & 9:00pm
*Wednesday: additional 1:00pm matinee

Firehall Arts Centre
280 East Cordova Street

Tuesday - Thursday:
Adult $25; Senior & Student: $20
Friday & Saturday:
Adult $30; Senior & Student: $25
and ChutziPack
+GST and nominal service charge

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photo of Alon Nashman by Cylla von Tiedmeman

Vancouver Premiere


Hirsch, created and conceived by Alon Nashman and Paul Thompson, is a quirky, engaging biographical study of the life of the Hungarian-born director John Hirsch, orphaned in the Holocaust at age 13 who found sanctuary in Winnipeg and went on to become a significant figure in Canadian theatre until his death in 1989.

Co-presented with Touchstone Theatre and Firehall Arts Centre, Hirsch premiered at the 2012 Stratford Shakespeare Festival and had a highly successful run at the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The show refracts Hirsch's life through the prism of the stage productions which made him famous and which held particular personal significance for him.

"But an interest in the workings of theater — and the often unbridled passions of the men and women who work backstage to bring it to life — is all that is really required to enjoy Mr. Nashman and Mr. Thompson's tribute to an artist whose work they revere, and a man whose demons they depict with clear eyes but sympathetic hearts." - The New York Times

"Hirsch, the play, is at its best when it demonstrates how the director's life infused his art: The way the memory of seeing his grandfather shot in front of him influenced his Mother Courage and Her Children; how the guilt of being a survivor altered his interpretation of The Tempest; and, perhaps, most importantly, how his eccentric, bourgeois upbringing gives him unusual insight into the works of Chekhov. (Hirsch's 1976 Stratford production of Three Sisters with Marti Maraden, Martha Henry and Maggie Smith is his most legendary work.)" - The Globe & Mail

"Hugely Compelling...don't miss!" - Chicago Tribune

"A beautifully-written look at the life of one man, brought to life by Nashman's thrilling performance." - Spoonfed London

"A trail blazing artist...spellbindingly played by Alon Nashman." -

Tuesday February 25 @ 8:00pm
Wednesday February 26 @ 8:00pm
Post-performance Talkback
Tuesday February 25

Norman & Annette Rothstein Theatre
at the JCC 950 West 41st Avenue

Adult: $28
Senior: $24
Student: $20
and ChutziPack
+GST and nominal service charge

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World Premiere

Tiny Music

Created by Vancouver-born writer and composer Noah Drew, Tiny Music is an original "sound design musical" loosely adapted from Shalom Aleichem's short story The Fiddle. The show follows Ezra, an autistic man with an auditory-processing disorder that heightens his experience of the sounds around him. Songs, scenes and mesmerizing soundscapes, performed by four actors and six musicians, bring Ezra's world to life as he navigates his way through family dynamics, unconventional passions, and an always-shifting, ever-present, strange and beautiful sonic landscape.

Tiny Music is about individuality, responsibility, and what it means to make good choices when what (or who) you love hurts people in your life. It's about truly listening to others, to the world around us, and to ourselves. Most of all, it's about the inevitability, the human need, and the inexplicable holiness of music.

Recently founded by Noah Drew and Jamie Nesbitt, Jump Current creates stories and performances, focusing on ways that innovative design and technology can illuminate live human-to-human connection.

Written and Composed by Noah Drew
Arranged and Musical DIrected by Yawen Wang
Stage Directed by Jamie Nesbitt
Produced by Jump Current
Performed by Anton Lipovetsky, Susinn McFarlen, Caitriona Murphy, Bob Bossin

Yawen Wang: piano & accordion
Joe Browne: live electronics & sound design
Caitriona Murphy: violin
Mike Braverman: clarinet
Jodi Proznick: bass
Jason Overy: drums